Automatic Watch Winders

Automatic watch WinderIf you truly value your luxury timepieces, an automatic watch winder is a worthwhile investment.  Automatic or mechanical watches include a revolving weight inside the watch that turns the winding mechanism.  If an automatic watch is not worn for a long period of time (usually 48 hours), the kinetic energy needed to turn the winding mechanism will become depleted and the watch will stop keeping time.

Automatic watch winders simulate the winding motion needed to keep an automatic watch running.  Often, as little as 30 minutes of motion a day is sufficient. While not necessary for watches that are powered by batteries, watch winders are useful for automatic watches such as the bulk of Breitling and Omega watches along with the majority of other classic timepieces.

When you are considering which automatic watch winder to purchase, there are several factors that you should consider.  First and foremost, be sure to purchase a winder that is appropriate for the size of your watch collection.  You can find automatic watch winders that are designed for just one watch or for multiple watches.  Scatola del Tempo, Wolf Designs and Orbita are three of the foremost names in high-end automatic watch winders.

Some winders are enclosed in nicely finished boxes, while others are functional but lack any aesthetic design which are typically meant to be placed in a drawer or safe.  If you wear the same watch every day, you may not need a watch winder.  If, however, you have one or two special watches that you wear occasionally, you will want to keep them wound so that you do not need to reset the time and calendars each time your wear them.  One of the added benefits of keeping your watch wound is that it keep the entire mechanism well oiled which will prevent breakdowns due to the lack of oil circulating through the parts.  If you have any questions regarding automatic watch winders or watches in general, please contact us,, by email, and we will answer your question promptly.

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