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Hublot-Big BangSwitzerland has been a breeding ground for many an artist and craftsman for a long time. Whether it is theatre or music, painting or architecture, the Swiss have been known for expert craftsmanship and intricate designs. Even in the watch making industry, making big names can be quoted from Europe. One such name is Hublot.
Carlo Crocco in Italy founded Hublot, in 1980 (although his company was known as MDM Geneve, back then). Born into a watchmaker family, from a very young age, Crocco had strong ideas about beauty and its incorporation in the art of watch making. In 1967, Crocco created his first watch, thus, placing his foot firmly in the world of watchmakers.

In 1980, after his company was launched, Crocco went against the trend and created the world’s first watch in solid gold, with a black strap, made from natural rubber. This watch remain a pioneering design for most watches worn today as well as an on-going trend for watches to be designed in the future.

Hublot believes in one rule, the rule of simplicity. Crocco was always determined to create watches that featured pure lines and also one that would have respect for the raw materials used in its manufacture. Above all, though, Hublot believes that watch making is an art form that should be useful to the common man, and hence, the watches should find use in both formal as well as informal occasions. The ingenious rubber strap idea was an instant hit, when Crocco displayed his Hublot watch at the Basel Fair in 1980.

One of the most talked-about Hublot watch collections is the Big Bang collection, launched in the autumn of 2005. This Big Bang collection consists of watches that are larger in size, chunkier and mostly for men. The wide variety of watches that are available, include watches that merge different materials such as gold, ceramics, Kelvar and red gold, and of course, natural rubber, with intricate and classic Swiss watch making technique. All these materials are layered together and the 44.5 mm diameter casing is made of 18K gold or steel. The end product is a beautiful fusion of art form and simplicity.

Apart from that, Hublot boasts of other definitive collections to feast your eyes on. Being one of the last independent family owned businesses in the world today, Hublot has gained recognition for having a unique selling point, that is, the incorporation of natural rubber in most of its designs. Its unique individuality, in terms of style and elegance, has allowed it to expand itself and create three new design lines, including the Classic, Sport and Elegant. Also, Hublot boasts of a limited series Art Collection, that is a must for any collector. The engraved or enameled dials exhibit the talent and craftsmanship of the watchmakers of Hublot. These rare personalized pieces add a sense of richness to the entire Hublot collection and it is must-have for any collector.

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