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Wolf Triple WInder with Storage - Wolf DesignsWolf Designs is one of the most famed brands in the world that designs and makes leather cases and winders for watches and timepieces. In 1834, Philip Wolf I, a silversmith by trade, made leather coated boxes to present his silver products. After all, he thought, it is but natural to store something as precious as silver, in a fine quality leather case.

Although the process of acquiring good quality leather was not a problem, the procedure of stitching the pieces together was arduous and needed a lot of skill to complete. Thus, in 1836, Philip I, due to his high standard never seen before leather boxes, was selling more boxes than silver items. After that, Wolf Designs has grown from strength to strength, with a presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas. This is also an example of a company business that has been running in the family since its inception. As of now, Wolf Designs is being handled by the third generation of the Wolf family.

A watch rotator is an instrument that resets your timepiece so that you don't have to do it manually. If not worn, most automatic watches stop after 36 hours. In fact, with complicated watch features, such as day and date, calendars and so on, it becomes really difficult to reset the timepiece to the current date. Thus, using a watch winder will make sure this problem is well taken care of. Doubling up as a watch case, these watch winders are becoming a popular buy.

Wolf Designs are famous for their high quality and sleek designs. Apart from that, these watch casings are also very functional, reliable, and affordable. This is one of the reasons why major watch companies use Wolf Designs to package their watches. Some of the features of these watch winders include clockwise and anti-clockwise, and bi-directional settings, as well as a three year warranty on the products. The Wolf Designs watch winders and rotators work in a way that simulates a wearing a watch. Thus, it allows it to wind and unwind, and not leave a watch idle.

Apart from watch winders and rotators, Wolf Designs also makes several other products such as luxury jewelry boxes for women, luxury leather accessories for household and office items including bar wares, as well as fine leather accessories for men including cufflink holders and so on.

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