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Cartier Roadster - Cartier WatchesCartier is one of the oldest jewelers in the world.  The saga of Cartier began in 1847, when Louis-François Cartier took over the jewelry workshop of Adolphe Picard.  Cartier has to its credit, some of the most exquisite watches, jewelry and accessories.  Each and every celebrity boasts of a couple of Cartiers to boost his/her ego.  Cartier has brought to the market some of the most marvelous and awe-inspiring wristwatches in the world.

The usability and craftsmanship of all Cartier Watches are extremely unique and fabulous.  Once you buy a Cartier, it is a lifetime asset.  You own it and preserve it, till your last breath.  Why not, the designs are so breath taking, that one cannot stop drooling over it, years after you have bought it!

Cartier is synonymous to style, class, and sophistication. The first wristwatch made by Cartier was called the Santos Dumont named after the Brazilian Aviator in 1904. Two years later, Cartier experimented with jewel – encrusted watches. The famous Cartier Tank watch was introduced in 1917.  Models such as “Tank”, “Santos”, and “Baignoire” were all created nearly 100 years ago.

The unmatched elegance and inimitable style, gives the Cartier that "precious" quality that is impeccable. Though Cartier was known to cater to the female folk, Cartier came out with the "Roadster” and “Roadster Chronograph”, which became a rage with the men folk.

The Lanières Tank Allongée is still the favorite of millions of people. This is a splendid Cartier watch that retains the precision of the Tank watch heritage, but adds to it a tinge of elegance and pomp. The watch is set with a sapphire cabochon and has two elongated Roman numerals and a translucent lacquered dial. The Quartz movement black steel hands are joined by the fabric strap or the three-row 18K pink gold bracelet for a stunning finish.

The other eternal favorite is the Mini Panthère de Cartier. This watch or you can say, piece of art, is a dress watch ideal for everyday wear, with its elegant Roman numerals and elegant, polished rounded corners. It comes in an18K white gold case, bezel, and bracelet, set with diamonds Roadster – a men’s watch characterized by dynamism and power. It has a stainless steel case and a black gray dial. The strap steel bracelet and the calfskin leather clasp add the to its brilliant finish.

The newest entries to the Cartier museum, as people would love to call it, are the Lady's Roadster, Tank Americaine, Pasha 38mm White Gold, WG Tank Francaise, and the Pasha 35mm Chronograph.

The other all-time favorites include Cartier Tank Francaise, 21 Chrono, Santos de Cartier, Roadster, Panthère de Cartier, Cartier Divan, Cartier Pasha C, Pasha, Tank Basculante, Tank Americaine Chrono, and Must de Cartier.

Each of these models has their unique features and style. Contemporary styles blended with the touch of jewels and precious stones, these watches are existing pieces of exclusive creativity. The amazing fusion of gold, steel, and jewels in their watches make them as marvelous as ever! Even their cases are so spectacular, the whole look of a Cartier watch is a spectacle of its kind.

Truly, a Cartier is a creation that can wake up your whims and wishes to want a watch on that wrist!

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