Discount Luxury Watches

'A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever'
John Keats

Panerai Radomir - Discount WathcesJohn Keats was not off the mark when he made that famous quote about beautiful things.  A beautiful object always gives pleasure to the one who beholds it. Luxury watches too are a matter of pride for their owners.  The aesthetic finesse, the high caliber artistry, the mechanical precision and the brand name make us feel desirous of owning at least one luxury watch.

But in many cases, the high prices of luxury watches can act as a dampener. So, does that mean that our desires will remain unfulfilled? Not if you shop around. Discount watches are always available for virtually every brand depending on how hard you are willing to look.

As the name suggests, Discount Watches are simply watches that are offered below the suggested retail price, which can be significantly lower than the original price. Normally watches are purchased through authorized retail showrooms. The price at which watches are sold includes the commission of the retailer (usually around 50%), the distributor's/ wholesaler's profits (usually around 40%), the manufacturer's profit (usually around 30%) and the manufacturing cost.  So, when the watch reaches in the hands of the final customer, the price is significantly inflated.

A vendor of discount luxury watches tries to eliminate the middlemen and operates on a smaller and fair margin. They are hopeful to make up the price difference in sales volume.

Most of the vendors of discount luxury watches source their watches directly from the suppliers or authorized dealers.  Some dealers intentionally buy extra pieces to be sold to discounters or shipped from contry to country to take advantage of the current currency rates.  The sellers of discount luxury watches may also place huge supply orders which certainly gets the attention of the watch manufacturers.  This enables them to get bulk discounts. They can also get discounts on transportation charges and exchange rates. The benefits are then passed onto the final customers.

Another important aspect of these discount vendors is that most of them conduct their business on the Internet, which allows them to save on overhead including a retail showroom and even inventory in some cases since the customer does not actually see the watches.  This allows the vendor to operate with lower profit margins and lower the sales price to the consumer.

There are many advantages associated with buying discount watches. Firstly, it brings various luxury brands in your reach. There are many vendors of discount luxury watches and one only needs to search the Internet patiently for locating trustworthy dealers. Most of the vendors offer luxury brands like Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Patek, Cartier, Omega etc. at a good bargain.  Hence, discount watches allows you to get a masterpiece at a markdown price.   The volatility of the exchange rate can also work to the advantage of the buyer. If the vendor is based in Asia and your local currency is trading at a higher value, then you can purchase the watch at a much lower price from another country.

However, there are certain things that must be borne in mind before you finally decide to buy a discount luxury watch.   Make sure the watch contains the all the important papers including the warranty and guarantee cards. They will give out vital clues that will help you in determining the authenticity of the watch. As a buyer, you should minutely observe each part of the watch to ensure that the vendor has not supplied you with a refurbished or replica model. If you are buying from the internet, do not be afraid to ask questions and for references. If a vendor gives you a hard time, there is reason for it and time to shop elsewhere. And finally, before making the purchase, try to find the reputation of the seller. After all, you would not like to see your hard earned money going to waste. If a deal looks to good to be is.

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