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Monaco 6 in Burlwood - Orbita WindersA fine, hand crafted mechanical watch is one the finest pieces of jewelry you can own. Many of the world's most exquisite watches require winding, which gives you the opportunity to add a watch winder to your list of important accessories. Orbita is one of the premiere companies producing watch winders of all sizes and varieties.  Theur winders will not only protect your watch when you are not wearing it, it will ensure that it remains wound keeping precision time.

Each Orbita watch winder moves in a rotating motion that simulates the movement of a human wrist.  Your watch is continually wound on set programs, while meticulous engineering ensures that it is never over-wound.   Set your watch inside the watch winder without fear--its delicate interior will never scratch or damage your watch.

Most Orbita watch winders are available in fine hardwood cases or exquisite leather. If you desire a more contemporary look, you can purchase state-of-the-art Orbita winders that feature cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art design. The extraordinary Futura Tourbillon 1 or 2 will fascinate anyone who views it and give you an immense sense of satisfaction every time you place your watch in the futuristic, sleek, and intricate case.  Other models include the Futura, Sparta, Avanti and Bergamo.  Most come with single and multiple winder options, winding programs as well as finishes.

Each watch winder creates a dust-free environment and keeps your watches lubricated simply be keeping the wound. From the rugged simplicity of the Sparta line to the opulent luxury of the Siena 2, Orbita Watch Winders complement any mechanical timepiece.

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