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Rolex Anniversary Submariner - Rolex WatchesRolex watches are in the upper echelon of timepieces. The company, its products, and its brand name have ranked among the watch-making elite for more than a century, since Hans Wildorf first started his watch distributing company in London in 1905. Over the years, Rolex received the first chronometer certification, designed the first waterproof watch case that was endorsed by adventurers and explorers, and designed the first automatic winding mechanism to be found in a watch--among many other achievements.

These accomplishments allowed Rolex watches to set the standard for precision and luxury, which they continue to do today. Their Oyster collection has continued to evolve since it was first worn while a swimmer crossed the English Channel; and this line of distinctive watches has been worn by adventurers and professionals alike. Superior reliability is not the only trademark of Rolex watches; all of their collections, such as the Cellini, are aesthetically stunning.

If you want to purchase a watch with a design that has been rigorously tested to last for years, Rolex watches will not disappoint you. Each watch must pass tests for ten different criteria before it is sold. From the waterproofing techniques pioneered by Rolex, to the use of only the finest metals and stones, as well as unrelenting testing by an independent Swiss organization, each chronograph carries with it the legacy that Rolex has built for the last century.

Rolex is endorsed publicly by several individuals who embody "the constant pursuit of perfection." Musical greats such as Yo Yo Ma and Eric Clapton, explorers such as Sir Edmund Hillary, and tennis players such as Andy Roddick all wear their Rolexes proudly. Rolex's ambassadors come from all realms, demonstrating the versatility and timelessness of the Rolex image. From the concert hall to the race track, you will find Rolex watches on the wrists of spectators and participants alike. 

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